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JAGA is a luxury clothing brand founded in Los angeles in 2009


The desire to create simple yet beautifully romantic designs is one that Jaga Buyan has inherited from her mother, Duuya growing up in Mongolia. Living in Los Angeles has, of course, crept into Jaga’s work and so she combines the rock star feel with the layering and light of Mongolia.


Jaga’s favourite materials are silk chiffons and natural materials and each and every piece is made in her studio in Los Angeles. Jaga hand paints them herself and so creates a piece that is unique and very much one of a kind.


Jaga’s believes that all women deserve to feel beautiful – and her clothing is for everybody. She doesn’t design for any particular size or exclude anyone – it is incredibly important to her that everyone feels loved and beautiful, inside and out. 



enriching life with beauty, sensuality and versatility by combining la's rockstar glamour with mongolian romance



Being a traveller herself Jaga knows how to design her pieces so that they are wearable in all weather and all countries, something so beautiful actually being practical. We hope you enjoy Jaga's pieces seasons after seasons.