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JAGA is a luxury clothing brand founded in Los angeles in 2009


To design her line of hand painted silk garments - Jaga Buyan drew inspiration from her native land of Mongolia. Born in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar, Jaga grew up in a household that encouraged free thought and artistic values. At the age of 8, Jaga was already sewing and making her own pieces out of her mom's leftover fabrics. 


She finished high school in 1994 and entered the School of Foreign Service, at Mongolian National University  still filled with the passion for textiles.  Driven by a sense of exploration, an inherent Mongolian trait, she packed her bags and gave up a career in the foreign ministry after graduating MNU. In 1999, Jaga moved to America. 


After learning English, Jaga studied fashion first-hand in retail trade, reinforcing  her voracious will to design. In 2004, Jaga bravely opened her first retail store in West Hollywood. By 2009, Jaga produced her own collection - designed with the utmost precision and thoughtfulness. Her passion and endless will to create has contributed to the timeless aesthetic of her design to this day. 



enriching life with beauty, sensuality and versatility by combining la's rockstar glamour with mongolian romance



Jaga collections can be found in various high-end boutique across the US and worldwide. The support of her family gave her the necessary strength to pursue her dream. Although, she resides full-time in Los Angeles, Jaga returns to the peaks of her Mongolian hometown every year - for the indigenous inspiration that makes her and her pieces, one of a kind!